Rules and application for Creators

The Grab Event Terms and Conditions:

The Grab Event is a monthly sales event aimed at introducing patrons to luxurious, elegant and glam Second Life Creations.

- Designers will be required to create at least one ORIGINAL item.

- There are no pricing restrictions on items and you may create more than one if you would like.

* Recolors and template works are not accepted. *

- The item must remain exclusive during the duration of the round, but may be sold in any manner you choose immediately following (when the event will end).

- You must always provide a demo to your vendors. Therefore, they can try the demo before they buy from you.

- If you have adult items, you much represent them respectfully.


- The event will be monthly. Each round starts on the 28th of the month.

- Rounds end on the 24th, and participants in that round must clear the stand before midnight of the 25th.

- At that time remain items from the previous round will be returned.

- Participants of the next round have the 26th and the 27th to make their stands.

- One exclusive is required, however, more are welcome! Feel free to design as many exclusives as you would like.

- No templates may be used. Good quality of lingerie and socks for mesh bodies are accepted.
- If you do not make the 3d mesh items but you buy full perm and you work on them yourself, we will allow it.

- Any items that are seen as templates and are NOT good quality ( such as lingerie and socks for mesh bodies ) will be returned without notice.

-  Exclusive creations must remain exclusive for the duration of the event.
They may be sold elsewhere after the close of each round.

- Items which violate Linden Labs TOS, or established copyright laws are prohibited from use in this event. Any items discovered to be in violation will be returned immediately, and without
notice. For more information regarding intellectual property rights, please visit


- August 24, 2017 - Designer application deadline.
- August 24, 2017 - Confirmations for all designers will be distributed.
- August 27, 2017 - Organization "walk-through" - stand and store check - performed several times during the day.
- August 28, 2017 - Event opens at 12:00 Noon SLT
- September 24, 2017 - Event closes at 11:59 PM SLT/Clean-up begins
- Anything not picked up will be auto-returned at 11:59 PM on September 25.


Group Requirements

- The Grab Event group is mandatory.
You must have group space in order to accept the invitation.

- Group invitations will be sent at the time of payment.
If you have not received the group invite within 24 hours, please contact us.

- It is your responsibility to keep up to date on all the notices sent through the group.
All information including landmarks/posters and anything related to event changes will be communicated through the group.


- As an option you can ALSO join the "The Grab Event Bloggers & Creators" group.
In this group, in which all the "The Grab Event" bloggers will be in, you will see the creators send notices with their items for the bloggers to grab and write a review of.

- A maximum of two avatars per brand will be added to the group for setup purposes (The Grab Event group). But only one will be added to the "The Grab Event Bloggers & Creators" group



- Landmark giver per store (Limit One)
- Profit split script.
- Animation vendor script for pose sales and furniture sales only.


-Group inviters.
-Hover scripts.
- Scripts with messages of any kind.
- Announcers and greeters in local chat or IM.
- Bots.
-Gacha machines of any kind except those allowed


- You send us your Logos so we can add them to the stands, to the web, flickr.

- Under NO circumstance can the creators rez their prims for logos/corporate or product images on the EXTERIOR of the stands/stores.
This includes the ceiling limit of the stand/store, defined by its base and highest wall.

- As long as they do not exceed the volumetric area defined by the stand/store base and highest wall (and the prim allowance, of course) the INTERIOR decoration is entirely up to the creators, including replicating the creator logo/corporate or product image used on the provided EXTERIOR slots and placing prim covers on the INTERIOR walls.

With the exception of type C, the totally enclosed stores, creators are not allowed to build their own walls inside the volumetric area defined by the base and the highest wall of the stand/store.

- Decor items must be set to phantom.
If you are unable to set to phantom due to item permissions, you may not use the item in your decor.

-All scripts must be deleted from furniture that is not set for sale.

- Putting a gift to your stand its optional but if you do choose to have one put it 1L or 0L and provide a picture of it near or on the gift box.

We will provide you the gift box so all of the stands has the same one, so just ask us to give you one.

- Any furniture item running a script at the time of the "walk-through" on the 27th will be returnedΒ Β without notice.

Local creator tools available:

INFO Board (link to your MP, LM giver for your main store, your logo, Mail box).

Directions and TP (each board/cube will give a TP to the stand/store at the event and one URL).

Advertising and promotion.

Gift boxes


The responsibilities of The Grab Event are shared. Feel free to contact any of us for assistance, or with general inquiries.

The Grab Event persons of interest include:

Ying (yingthai) -Group Owner
Heidi (HeidikKoch) - Sim owner / Event Owner  reserve the right to change any or all of these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Ying and Heidi are the only proprietors of The Grab - Exclusive Sales Event brand and related activities, all rights reserved under Linden labs TOS.We are all here to help!
Ying (yingthai)

* 2017-08-17 * 


**Designer Application**

Thank you for wanting to participate in the upcoming round of The Grab Event!
Please make sure you have read the rules!

Make a notecard .

Rename the notecard to Designer - Your name

Send it to this profile: Ying (yingthai) -Ying (yingthai)

Incomplete notecards will not be acknowledged.

SL name (not display name):
Calling Card:

Brand name:
Marketplace URL:
Mainstore SLurl:

Have you read and understood the  rules?

Do you want your item to be given to the bloggers?

Are you interested in being a sponsor? 

If yes, please tell us if you're interested

Thank you for taking interest in us! We hope to work well with you in the future!