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We are always looking for friendly, managers, welcome staff, RL and SL models, RL and SL photographers. In general people who are willing to help advertise our events!
We are looking for that special someone to welcome creators to the event land and help them set up, or help visitors with any questions that they may have.

Please copy the below to a notecard to fill out and send it to this profile: secondlife:///app/agent/6d289a5f-be3e-4133-aa2d-435afb9e2610/about -Ying (yingthai)

If you're interested!

Rename the notecard:
Grab Event Staff ( Your name)

Tell us a little about yourself  Tell us why you are the person for the job!

 If you are interested in the manager job, do you have any bloggers or creators that you can bring along with you to our team? If not, how will you find them?
If you are interested in the manager job, do you have sponsors you can bring along with you to us? If not, how will you find them?
If you are interested in the manager job, do you have advertising ideas to get our events known? Please give an example.

We are looking for people who are :

Open minded. 

Polite and professional. Very much drama free able to work as part of a team. Progress oriented and good with communication. Fluent in English or at the very least, use a good translator.
Does this sound like you?

Put your full name here and your calling card:

Thank you for taking the time to apply! Please give us 12 hours to see all entires before we choose!

You will be given a period of two weeks to show your skills before we decide if you're the one for the job! In those two weeks, you will need to show us why we should choose you over someone else. You will be paid according to the progress and quality of your work, which will be evaluated by Ying (yingthai). If the progress is unsatisfactory, you will be terminated and not paid. We will not pay you for just sitting around doing nothing.

As a welcome person, your responsibilities include: 

Welcoming whoever comes and inform them that you are there to help, if needed

Ask the visitor if they need a map, and if so, offer one.You must have the rules, applications forms, the web page available to give if need If asked a question, politely offer the terms of agreement and rules. If unsatisfactory, and asked a question in reference to something you are unsure about, please point them in the direction of Ying (yingthai). Always be polite! No matter what. Show them the creator's boards with direct tps to their stands and that the same board gives a landmark and marketplace link. If you see a rude behavior tell us what happened in a private IM. Tell the person we do not allow that particular behavior and they will be banned if they keep it u. Make them feel welcome and be friendl Give the visitors the group join link or point them in the direction of where to get it. Tell them that we have group gifts and how to get them. Make sure that the creators at their stand have not used any of the prohibited items (you can read the list on the web page). Make sure if there is something not working right to let us know (a teleporter, group join and so on). If you see a problem that can be improved let, us know. If you have an idea let us know. We reserve the right to add things if they are needed, to this list of duties at any given moment and we will notify you of this.
As a manager, what we expect from you is to: Make sure creators are set up if Yin is not around to do so. Give the appropriate group if needed.  Bloggers have another group apart from visitors and creators. In order to be able to rez they will need the visitors group ). It is your job to make sure that the stands are not empty.. Therefore, you will need to help bring creators in. You as a manager, must search alongside us for sponsors. Make sure bloggers do their job and bring new bloggers to the team. Find new ways to advertise! Post to many FaceBook, Flickr and any other groups you can think of about the event for each round. Always keep Yin up to date on your progress. This is very important.​▨ Make sure creators have what they need. If you do not know something they have asked of you, ask Yin. If she is not online, tell them you will leave her a notecard so she can reply to them as soon as she is able Never promise something outside the rules from the web. Only Yin can do that. When you find a blogger or a creator, give us their applications. Ask the creators for their logo and send it to us so we can add it to the web and to their stand. Any ideas are always welcome.  We reserve the right to add things if they are been needed to this list of duties at any given moment, and we will notify you of this.

We will consider bonuses for amazing work! HOWEVER, we do not pay those that do not work for their money. We work hard so we expect you to do the same!