Official Silver Rounds Bloggers

For more info please contact yingthai Resident

SعℓعŊع (Selene Coy)

Růиα Çσs Ĩηαķα (Zaroto Resident)

イσイεş Çσs (Tottes Resident)

ℳαχ.ℳɔℳαђoη (Maximinius McMahon)

Heidi Feden

ღⒼαßßץ  (gabbyjaws Resident)

Mrs. Smith (poliana Zelin)

monikka Landar

ɱεℓïŋŋą ŗσƈҡεŧŧ (lisamelinna Resi

ℑÅ乙乙      (Franck Lowey)

Negly Resident

 ʆµɳɳล ωэเรรy ɱэภภเƭƭ (lunnaswann Resident)

cαтyαѵαηєssα Ϯ (CatyaCamacho Topaz)

Ąℓÿ Şọℓαиợ (Aly Solano)

ᴘᴜиᴋʏ ᴠᴏɴ ʙʀᴜɪϟᴇʀ (punkarella Resident)

 ‧ Viana Oaks ‧ (Curiosse Resident)

lmaripositalinda Resident

Morghana Savira

ɱίɴɴίε Șλɴτλɴλ ßιλϓιΘȻκ (Minnie1999 Resident)

亗 ᴏᴅɪᴏsᴀ ᴅᴇʟɪʀɪᴜᴢ 亗 (CHiKiSTRaVi3Sa Resident)

ᴀᴜᴅʀɪ ʀᴇɪɴ ʟᴀɴɪᴇʀ (AudriReinLanier Resident)

.ᴋʙʀᴏɴᴀ ᴅᴇʟɪʀɪᴜᴢ veɢα. (lKBroNaxDeLiRiuZ Resident)

Amereca (amereca Harvy)

Bonita Luminos

Claudia Daxter

Yani Midal (YANI05 Resident)

Sayuri Winterwolf

Liv McKeenan

ℜєggίє Ğαsʇõñ Ŵirsίñĝ ™ (Reaghan Resident)

Kristabel Ashmoot

Secret Innovia Orsini (FauveKeys Resident)

ℰżιℓι (ShirleyM McLaglen)

Aerlinniel Roughneck (Aerlinniel Vella)

РЯĨŚČĨĹĹĂ  (AshleeCyrus Resident)



Dear designers and bloggers, 

We would like to share with you the links to our official Flickr page and Flickr Group. Please feel free to follow us and join our Flickr group and share your photos that relate to the event including ad pictures of your items that you are selling at the event and blog pictures of items from the event.


Flickr Group:

Rules for Bloggers

Any blog posts relating to our events will be linked to and/or shared at the respective blogs and on Facebook. So be sure to send them to me when you have posted them and don't forget that you must post them to our Flickr and bloggers group! 

Flickr Group:

Make sure that you follow our group, and we will follow you.

When you post in the blogger's group, make sure you name the creator so that they may know they have been blogged.

ALL the sponsor's exclusive items must be blogged. 1 picture per sponsor is fine but, whether you do more than one is up to you.

You must join our Event Bloggers & Creators Group.

Bloggers will be given priority access to events items from The Grab Event Bloggers & Creators Group. You will be asked to review and blog all the items that are sent there. Each Creator reserves the right to decide if their item(s) will be sent or not.

If for any reason you will not be able to blog, you must let us know. Please list your reasons and for how long you will be off duty to the group.

If a Creator or any blogger decides to bring drama to the group, please contact someone in authority as soon as possible with details on the issue.

That being said: No drama to the group.

You must be fair to all the creators and not pick and choose what to blog.

Daily page views do not count so long as you are active with your blogging.

There is no excuse to be unable to post a photo in the minimum amount of groups. If you do not have enough, let us know, and we will provide you with some options so that you may post as needed.

Just as on Flickr, you must post to a minimum amount of groups on FaceBook, as well. Same as with Flickr, if you do not have groups to do so, some will be given as an option.

If a creator gives you money as a thank you for the good work you did, you may take them, but please let us know so that all parties involved - including us - will be protected from any backlash that it may cause in the future. Don't forget to say thank you!

You will receive for free, the items you will be posting. Those as well as poses or any other than clothing that the creators may give to you MUST be included in your pictures as well. They must be blogged too, if they are from the sponsors or as an event exclusive item.

We will be giving a bonus only to those we see are really active in each event:

One picture per creator. posted to at least :
10 FaceBook groups with more than 2000 members each.
30 Flickr groups

With Flickr, since you can add photos to many groups with just about one click, posting them to any relevant Second Life group will be more than appreciated. Always send us the links to your posts so we can see your hard work. Please post in the bloggers group using notices, so the creators will know they have been bogged and can check it out as well.

And finally post to our Flickr account.

When posting your event blog work by notice or anywhere else, use this format: shop name + ONLY THE NUMBER of the stand the item can be found on. NOT THE LETTERS the stand will have.

We care that our event and the exclusive items go out to many groups, if you do not have a blog but you post your pictures to groups in and out world, you can apply to be a part of our team as a blogger.

If you are interested, you must fit the following standards:

1 - Open minded.
2 - Fluent in English.
3 - Allergic to drama/ Drama-free.
4 - Polite and professional.

Make a notecard.

Rename the notecard to Blogger - Your name

Send it to this profile: secondlife:///app/agent/6d289a5f-be3e-4133-aa2d-435afb9e2610/about -Ying (yingthai)

Incomplete notecards will not be acknowledged.

Avatar Name [Not screen or nickname please]:

Calling Card:

of your blog if any:
Flickr ( A MUST have ) :

 Type of blog:
What kind of items do you blog?
How often do you update?
What is your time commitment? ( How  often are you on SL? )
Are you a previous events blogger?

What mesh bodies do you have?

 Have you read understood the rules?
Comments, suggestions?

Thank you for taking interest in us! We hope to work well with you in the future!