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Fashion Events in Secondlife

SL Silver Rounds

From 28 to 24 of each month

SL Gold Round

18 Dec. 10 Jan.

Sansar November 2017

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About the Grab Events

The Grab is an exciting new way to shop in Second Life. The Grab gathers all the best designers in one area, where you can shop for many different types of fantastic mesh items.

We offer to creators an extra telemarketing service with Secondlife and Real Life models, plus videos and posts to social media to promote the designs for this ultra modern  and elegant shopping experience.

Luxury, elegance, fashion, beauty, power and quality can all be found at Second Life's latest exclusive sales event. With some of the best designers coming together to present to you amazing clothing, furnishings and accessories, this is definitely the event to add to your calendar.

Gold & Silver Supporter of the

Phoenix Firestorm Project

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The Grab in sansar project too from 11 October 2017

The Grab Sansar

The First Fashion Event

to join the Sansar project

from October 11 2017.

Our target is to bring to our customers

a unique experience to the brand new platform 

of Linden Labs.

Until the official (non beta) platform

 will be released we would like to offer you the opportunity to explore the future of virtual life as from The Grab's shopping experience view.

The Grab Events will continue operate 

in Secondlife normally without interruption.

© 2017 The Grab Sansar- All rights reserved

Made by the SL & Sansar Award Winner Digital Cult/VR Cult

An experimental space entirely dedicated to virtual event (Art, Design, Fashion, Music). 

At present, the space is set up as an art gallery in which are currently exhibiting two Italian artists already known to the public: 

GUARISO, photographer and

 MUSANTE, painter and illustrator. 

Scene and Architecture by Colpo Wexler

 Musante Curatorship: Mexi Lane - Musante Fantasy Objects by 3DPlus Design

Music by Franco Galateo

Copyright 2017 © VR Cult- All rights reserved

The Sansar Project


Sansar is a new platform from Linden Labs 

for creating social VR experiences. 

Sansar will democratize VR as a creative medium, making it easy for people to create, share, and sell their own social VR experiences.

For more info and Terms & Conditions

please visit:

This section was made for info proposes.

Rights of Sansar belongs to:

© 2017 Linden Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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